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Parkinson’s disease affects millions of people worldwide, causing disabling motor and psychological symptoms. Currently patients track the evolution of their condition in a rather subjective way, for instance relying on self-reported diaries. This method hinders an accurate prescription of medication by the physician and makes it harder for researchers to compare data from different patients.

Spes Spirae’s proposal is to develop a wearable device – similar to a smartwatch – to passively track motor symptoms and improve the patient’s quality of life by keeping their medication schedule adapted to their needs. The data collected by the device is anonymously shared for research purposes.

The device is meant to be low cost (so that is can be financed by health insurance companies), with a long-lasting battery which allows the monitoring to be made through several days without interruptions. It is also important that the wearable is comfortable, simple to use and with a design which aesthetically pleases the costumers.